Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines (SWAPP)

SWAPP is a leading non-profit multi-sectoral network of solid waste management (SWM) volunteers and practitioners whose aim is to empower local governments, communities, and private sector towards a clean, safe and sustainable environment. The mission of SWAPP is to build the capacity of LGUs, communities, and private sector to manage solid waste problems in their respective areas through research, trainings, technical assistance, information exchanges, and network building.


1. Enhance the knowledge and skills of SWM practitioners to plan and implement integrated solid waste management programs;

2. Disseminate information and promote exchanges and partnerships among SWM practitioners; and

3. Advocate for policy reforms to strengthen LGU capacity to implement SWM programs.

PSA is working with SWAPP in the development of a solid waste action plan for Santa Ana in Metro Manila.  The project is a sub component of the USAID-Rotary International Pasig River Improvement Project and will target the public market and surrounding neighborhoods with an effective solid waste management strategy.

To learn more about SWAPP and their programs, visit them online at:


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