Calbayog City constructed sanitation systems in its new housing resettlement site and health clinic with help from PSA and the US Naval Construction Regiment.

Calbayog City Develops Sanitation Systems for Relocation Site and Health Clinic
PSA staff assisted the US Naval Construction Regiment and Calbayog City to develop proper sanitation systems for two new construction projects.  PSA sanitation experts visited Calbayog City to provide technical assistance to the 30th Naval Construction Regiment, which built a wastewater system that can serve 240 homes at the Greenland relocation site.  The wastewater treatment system includes an anaerobic baffled reactor that will reduce about 70% of the pollution from the sewage and a secondary treatment system, which utilizes cocopeat as a filtration medium.  The wastewater is collected through an innovative condominial sewer system, which utilizes shared sewer laterals to minimize the installation cost and operational requirements.  The PSA team also provided assistance for a similar wastewater treatment system for the new Calbayog City Health Clinic, which will serve the residents of the subdivision and other residents of the city. The construction was a joint military project between the US and the Philippines in which the US military provided personnel and construction materials worth about $48,000. Calbayog was a pilot city during the USAID Local Initiatives for Affordable Wastewater Treatment project from 2005-2007, and is now part of the PSA.

Sanitation and Wastewater Management Week Held in Calbayog City

An engaging local musical theater production, “Inodoro” (Toilet Bowl) and a dramatic 25 minute digital film titled “Salog” (River), opened to a crowd of 3,000 in Nihaga Park on July 16, 2007, highlighting a week-long SMIEC launch for LINAW in Calbayog City. It was the first of an annual celebration of Sanitation and Wastewater Management Week, held on July 16-22, 2007.

Preparations included airing a dramatic two minute radio plug twice a day during prime time on DYOG-Radio ng Bayan, Calbayog starting July 7.  Four billboards and 12 tarpaulin posters were mounted in strategic places in the city proper, including the City Hall, Nihaga Park, and the public market. The July 16 opening day started with a motorcade in the morning that drew more than 50 vehicles, tricycles and single motorbikes which distributed leaflets to bystanders.
A one hour press conference featuring Mayor Mel Sarmiento, Atty. Oscar Hugo, LINAW Team Leader and Bobby Bastillo, LINAW Social Marketing Specialist from Manila, was aired live on DYOG and played on cable TV.

The theatre production was a highly charged, one hour extravaganza combining dramatic elements of a play with a gag show, riddle portions, pop and folk music and dance. The dramatic digifilm was powerful and equally engaging. Both had information on pollution and wastewater management embedded in the script, forming part of the plot, and delivered through engaging dialogues and real life drama. Both were produced by the City Government of Calbayog through its Arts and Culture Office, with story guidance provided by the LINAW Social Marketing Specialist. The theatre production and digifilm were also performed during the LINAW National Conference at the end of August.

For the rest of the week, the theatre production and digital film were performed at the three major schools of Calbayog, namely TTMIST, Christ the King College and La Milagrosa Academy, and reached about 8,000 students. The teachers said they will require the students to prepare reaction papers to enhance internalization of the information points of the play and film.

The City Government spent about PhP30,000 as counterpart fund for the week long launch activity and expects to spend at least PhP50,000 more for the continuing education campaign.

Demonstration Project unveiled at SOS Children’s Village

A LINAW-assisted pilot wastewater treatment facility using cocopeat was unveiled at the SOS Children’s Village in the City on July 18, 2007. The research is geared toward demonstrating an onsite small-flow filter media effluent treatment system. Muntinlupa City LINAW Team Leader Jet Pabilonia lent technical support to the TWG because Muntinlupa City is also doing similar research using coco peat, an indigenous material approximating the treatment qualities of the more expensive sphagnum peat moss used in the US.

The treatment facility itself is a very compact 4”x4”X12” wooden box with canvass lining and filled up with layers of washed gravel, coco-coir and cocopeat that filters wastewater pumped up from a holding tank connected to the septic tanks in the village. The Village Director, Dong Baang, feels proud to be the first to comply with the City’s call for wastewater treatment and privileged to be assisted by LINAW in setting up the facility. Mayor Mel Sarmiento, who sits in the board of SOS Village, envisions that the Calbayog model will pave the way for all SOS Villages around the world to be sanitation compliant, and for the local village to showcase compliance with Philippine Clean Water Act provisions.

Calbayog City Secures Funds for Pilot Projects
Calbayog City has secured P2 million from Senator Mar Roxas to fund construction of a wastewater treatment facility at their public market. The facility, designed by the city engineering office with assistance from LINAW Engineer Lito Santos, will cost about P6 million to build and will use a low-maintenance, low-cost design similar to that used in the Muntinlupa Public Market.  The mayor is currently sourcing the remaining funds. During Engineer Santos’ trip to the city November 21-22, 2006, the city engineer asked him to recommend at least 3 bidders who are qualified to do the work.  During his visit, Engineer Santos also inspected the site for a proposed low-income housing development and recommended a low maintenance sewerage system with treatment facility. He will prepare preliminary drawings for site development and budget estimates for the City’s review. The Mayor and TWG are also interested in including a wastewater treatment system in the new gymnasium that is being built. Engineer Santos recommended some adjustments in the plumbing that can reduce costs for the civil works. The savings can be used for the treatment facility.  The mayor also approved the technical recommendations of the TWG for a treatment facility for the city slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse will use a combination of biogas digester and waste stabilization lagoons for its wastewater treatment facility, a calculated attempt to replicate the combined design of the slaughterhouse wastewater treatment facilities of Iloilo City and Naga City.

Septage Management Workshop Conducted in Calbayog City
The Calbayog City LINAW Technical Working Group (TWG) organized a Workshop on Developing a Septage Management Program on January 24 and 25, 2007. The workshop included a basic orientation on the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004, which establishes the legal mandate for all local governments to create a septage management program in the absence of a sewerage system. The participants, including representatives from barangays, academe, national government, water district, hospitals, and NGOs, discussed technology options for septage treatment, financing the septage management program and developing an integrated municipal septage management ordinance. Participants were engaged in conceptualizing the program for the city and for computing the proposed wastewater tariff for the city. They drafted an action plan that called for passage of a city ordinance by the end of the year. In addition to the proposed septage management program, Calbayog City intends to build an onsite wastewater treatment facility for its public market and new slaughterhouse this year. It also wants to build wastewater treatment facilities in one of its resettlement sites in Barangay Caballero and the new gymnasium. LINAW assisted the city in developing viable technology options for the design of the systems and in building capacity within the city staff.

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