Muntinlupa City is located on the Southwestern Coast of Laguna de Bay, 22 kilometers south of Metro Manila. It is one of the four cities that participated in the Local Initiatives for Affordable Wastewater Treatment (LINAW) from October 2003 to 2005 and continued to participate in LINAW 2 and the Philippine Sanitation Alliance projects. A consultation and planning workshop was held in February 2004 and resulted in an action plan and creation of a technical working group. Following a study tour to Indonesia to learn more about decentralized wastewater treatment systems, the TWG decided to build a wastewater treatment plant for the public market. A comprehensive information campaign was implemented to ensure the market vendors’ acceptance of the facility and payment of the user fee of P5/stall/day.

Muntinlupa City Inaugurates Wastewater Treatment Plant

To celebrate Earth Day, Muntinlupa City inaugurated a wastewater treatment plant at the Muntinlupa Public Market on April 21, 2006. The plant is the first low-cost, low-maintenance wastewater treatment facility for a public market in the Philippines. It was built with financing from the city and technical assistance from LINAW. The event, led by City Mayor Jaime Fresnedi, featured a speech by Bebet G. Gozun, Chair of Earth Day Network Philippines and former secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Daniel Moore, Chief of the USAID Office of Energy and Environment, congratulated the city for its leadership in developing the first pilot that will be replicated by other cities.

The public market contains 1,448 stalls and has about 4,800 vendors and workers and 4,500 average daily customers, who will all benefit from the new plant. Highly polluted wastewater from the wet and eatery sections of the market and the public toilets used to drain directly into a river behind the market that leads to Laguna Lake. The treatment plant reduces the pollution level of the wastewater from more than 600 milligrams per liter biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) to less than 30. This will reduce foul smells, the number of water-borne diseases and the pollution level in the river and the lake, which provides Metro Manila with more than half of its freshwater fish.

Muntinlupa City Promotes Replication of Market Treatment Facility

Representatives from numerous LGUs have visited the Muntinlupa Public Market to learn about the newly installed wastewater treatment system since it began operating in January 2006.  Also, national government agencies like Department of Health, Department of Trade and Industry and the National Housing Authority and donor agencies such as USAID and World Bank (Cities Alliance) have visited the Muntinlupa Public Market. Foreign missions from Takasaki, Japan and from ECO-Asia-sponsored exchanges with delegates from Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh have all been impressed by the project. Manila Water, one of the Metro Manila water concessionaires, also visited the plant as well as numerous academic institutions.

The design has been replicated by Dumaguete City, two private resorts (El Nido and Plantation Bay) and the SM malls in Metro Manila.

Muntinlupa Prepares O&M Manual for Market Wastewater Treatment Facility

LINAW consultants Jay Tecson, Lito Santos and Nene Narvaez assisted Muntinlupa City to develop an operations and maintenance (O&M) manual for their public market sewage treatment facility. The O&M manual is an integral part of USAID’s assistance, aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the city-owned treatment facility, which uses appropriate on-site treatment technology. The draft O&M plan details the manufacturers’ specifications, checklist of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks to be performed, and description of the process and terminology.  The O&M manual will serve as guide for the operators that will be hired by the Public Market Administrator to run the P6.8 million facility. Once it is finalized, the draft manual will be used as a model for other LINAW projects.

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