Iloilo City was one of the four cities that participated in the USAID Local Initiatives for Affordable Wastewater Treatment (LINAW) in 2003. The city conducted a stakeholders’ workshop, developed an action plan and created a technical working group to address the city’s wastewater management issues.  The city has been very active in outreach and promotion campaigns on water, sanitation and hygiene and has shared its experience in Asia regional conferences and with local governments in Cambodia. In 2008, the city conducted information campaigns on sanitation, which included presentations for hundreds of teachers and students on proper wastewater treatment, proper construction and management of septic tanks, the effects of poor sanitation on health and the environment, and participation in Global Handwashing Day on October 15, 2008. On October 14 and 15, the city held training sessions on handwashing for 344 day care teachers, students and parents.

Through training and technical assistance, LINAW consultants helped Iloilo in constructing low-cost wastewater treatment facilities for a new public slaughterhouse, two hospitals and a commercial complex.  The Iloilo City government is developing plans for similar systems their public markets and two private school campuses. Under the USAID Philippine Sanitation Alliance and the USAID Philippine Water Revolving Fund-Support Program, assistance has also been provided for a series of training sessions for three water utilities in the region to develop septic tank maintenance programs to comply with the Clean Water Act of 2004. The three water utilities are the Metro Iloilo Water District, the Metro Roxas Water District and the Bacolod City Water District.

PSA Supports SMP Training of Iloilo, Bacolod and Roxas
With support from the PSA, PSA partner Iloilo City and USAID-funded Philippine Water Revolving Fund Support Program (PWRF-SP), several training programs on septage management have been held.  The sessions featured PWRF-SP’s business model and PSA’s experience with local ordinances and promotion campaigns. The activities were formalized in an MOU signed by all parties. The first training covered the duties and responsibilities of the participating organizations; feasibility study outline, milestones, and components; development of promotion campaign, household survey design, septage volume projections, treatment plant site selection, and truck procurement scheduling.

On March 1, 2010, PSA Senior Project Coordinator Jay Tecson gave a presentation during the Iloilo River Development Council meeting on options for building a localized sewerage system for the commercial hub in Iloilo City referred to as Smallville. Smallville is high-end development area where scores of restaurants, hotels, malls, and other commercial enterprises will be built. According to the development plans of the city, particularly focusing on the Iloilo River Development Plan, Smallville is the designated recreational mix-use development area of the city. Other presentations were made by the City Planning Office, City Environment Office, EMB Region 6, and City Agriculturist’s Office. Present were owners and managers of hotels, restaurants, and commercial enterprises within the Smallville area. The city will present a concrete proposal with options and cost estimates for the planned sewerage system to the business community of Smallville as part of the city’s drive to engage and consult with the business owners.

Technology Assistance for the Commercial Sector in Iloilo City
Dave Robbins, PSA’s Sr. Sanitation Advisor, presented the concepts of wastewater management to the Iloilo City Chamber of Commerce and Industry on August 24, 2009.  The focus of the presentation was wastewater pretreatment systems for commercial entities including manufacturing, hotels, restaurants and resorts.  The event was cosponsored by the Department of Tourism Political Affairs Division.

On August 28, 2009 the City Government of Iloilo, Environmental Management Bureau-Region 6 and PSA co-presented the Wastewater Treatment Technology Clinic for the Commercial Sector in Iloilo City, which was hosted by the Western Institute of Technology (WIT). The one-day technology clinic showcased appropriate technology interventions for the commercial sector; presented proposed and existing environmental policies governing wastewater generated by the commercial sector, provided opportunities to private service providers to be engaged by the commercial sector in Iloilo, and created awareness within the commercial sector on the need for sustainable sanitation. PSA consultants Jay Tecson and Lito Santos facilitated the sessions and made presentations.

Senior Sanitation Specialist Lito Santos conducted a follow-up session the next day, providing on-the-spot technology advice to Mang Inasal Commissary, which provides food to a national chain of restaurants, Days Inn Hotel, Iloilo Supermarket, and a new hotel development proposed by a certain Mr. Florete. He advised them on a range of issues, including hybrid wastewater treatment systems, site selection, retrofitting of existing sewage treatment plants, and rainwater harvesting.

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