Meycauayan City is located in the province of Bulacan, about 19 km north of Metro Manila. It participated as one of the four focal cities in the Philippine Sanitation Alliance project.

Meycauayan Sets Priorities for its Wastewater Management Program
On April 15, Meycauayan City held its one-day multi-stakeholders’ consultation and action planning workshop. More than 80 people attended the workshop representing the city government, city council, barangay leaders, national agencies, the water district, homeowners associations, academe, and private sector companies including Jollibee, Coca-Cola, Maymart, a hospital, and a private housing developer.

The workshop participants developed an action plan to address wastewater issues, using consultation, consensus-building, and participatory approaches. The workshop also created excitement about the project and support for the implementation of the PSA project. The event was opened by Meycauayan City Association of Barangay Chairmen President Rene Ponciano on behalf of Mayor Joan Alarilla. Ed Alarilla, former Mayor and now general consultant of the City, also made some inspiring remarks. In his speech, he underscored the value of the workshop to the city and expressed his hope for better cooperation among the city stakeholders. USAID officer Jose Dulce highlighted past USAID projects with the province of Bulacan and encouraged everyone to actively participate in the projects and to learn from the examples of other LGUs in this sector.
A long list of wastewater management and sanitation projects was developed which was later prioritized during a June 25, 2008 meeting.  A smaller group of stakeholders met to focus activities on the more urgent yet doable projects in the next twelve months of 2008 until 2009.   The nineteen participants selected nine priority activities, including creating a Water Quality Management Team to oversee the program, gathering data, developing an information and education campaign, training on cost recovery and technology, drafting a water pollution ordinance, and developing a pilot wastewater treatment facility for St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan (SMCM), a private school in the area.

Medium-term plans include developing a septage treatment facility for a small community and a public school, and developing a wastewater treatment facility for the city’s slaughterhouse, among others.

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