USAID Supported Public Market Sustains Drive for Waste Management

In the wake of its successful construction of Manila’s first public market wastewater treatment plant, the Sta. Ana Public Market has embarked on a solid waste management initiative to keep garbage out of the treatment plant and to attract more customers. With assistance from the USAID Philippine Sanitation Alliance and Rotary International District 3810, the Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines (SWAPP) conducted a baseline survey, training, and a number of site visits with the market vendors. The vendors have developed a solid waste management plan and are now composting about 60% of the biodegradable waste. The compost is being used to fertilize newly planted trees around the market and some recycled items are being sold as accessories and bags.

The Sta. Ana Market Vendor’s Association Solid Waste Management Committee has used its compost for newly planted trees in front of the market.

Last Updated on Monday, 25 April 2011 01:36