Barangay 885 Leads the Way in New Solid Waste Management in Sta. Ana Manila

From day one of the implementation of the SWM Project in the 6 barangays in Sta. Ana, Manila,  Barangay 885 has the highest number of and active participation in the trainings, seminars and orientation provided by the Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines (SWAPP). Because of the active participation and strong political will of the Barangay SWM Committee headed by Chairman Marina Vergara, the barangay was able to face the challenges to implement the provisions of Republic Act 9003.

The barangay started their IEC activities by sending invitations to the family for SWM orientation/ presentation. This was done for two nights and two mornings with at least 50 people by batch. The pertinent provisions of RA 9003 were printed in large tarpaulins and hung in both end streets and in the center of the barangay.

In terms of the engineering component, the barangay built three pushcarts for the collection of garbage. They also constructed a two chamber hollow blocks bin for composting. The barangay hired 4 eco boys and 2 eco girls and 3 eco-police.

The barangay is charging 30 pesos/month/household to raise money for the salaries of the collectors of garbage and the money to be generated from selling recyclables. The garbage is collected at night from 7:00 pm.  The recyclables are usually kept in the barangay for cleaning. When the barangay can no longer accommodate them, they would call a junkshop to sell their recyclables.

Chairwoman Vergara with the support of her SWM Committee are hands-on in the collection of garbage to motivate and  support the workers as well as show their commitment to  implement the law.  Barangay 885 have received criticism from other barangays but faced them instead with challenge and determination.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 01 September 2011 08:04