Zamboanga City

In Zamboanga City, the PSA works with the city government and other partners to improve sanitation by address point sources of wastewater and septage management.

For septage management, the city is teaming with the Water District and the private sector in developing a comprehensive septage management program.  An Ordinance Establishing a Septage Management System in the City of Zamboanga was passed in 2009 and the Technical Working Group has just completed the Implementing Rules and Regulations for Septage Management.  For point sources, PSA assisted the city in the development of a new wastewater treatment system for the city slaughterhouse, which was commissioned in early 2010.  A plan for upgrading the existing sewerage system built in the 1920’s by the United States is also currently underway.  That program would include connecting the sewage outfalls from the public market to the sewer system, and install full treatment for the combined sewer outfall, which currently serves over 1,000 homes and businesses.  This will have a major impact on the water quality in and around the City.

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