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Proposed Action Plan

(As summarized from various sectors’ outputs in the recently conducted workshop of stakeholders on wastewater issues conducted by the Philippine Sanitation Alliance and City Government of Cagayan de Oro)



1. Communal toilet for Barangay Nazareth

2. Provision of toilet bowls and concreting of septic tanks (Bugo and Bonbon barangays)

3. Provision of communal septic tank for poor communities (Mambuaya barangay)

Ok for barangay implementation with funding; bebot


Bugo and Bonbon to ask for city financial support; ok for barangay implementation

Mambuaya to ask for city financial support; ok for barangay implementation (showcase for communal septic tank -- first) with own water system; PSA technical assistance

4. Wastewater treatment plant (Iponan barangay)

Wastewater Treatment facility (Mambuaya barangay)

Barangay-level WTP for barangay implementation; PSA to send Dave and Jonas of BORDA to design; prepare proposal for funding of Rotary

5. Storm drainage rehabilitation (Kauswagan, Bayabas & Balulang & Agusan, Bonbon barangays)

Defer to drainage project

6. Purchase of mechanical chlorinator for natural springs (barangay Agusan)

Check with Agnes ??? for drinking water

7. Information, education campaign on clean water act and other related laws, rules and regulations, orders on sanitation (all households have septic tanks)

Citywide sanitation campaign for general public; send PSA consultant bobby; city to organize a sub-group for IEC – should consider including NGAs, private sector, NGOs, and academe
“KUMUSTA SI POPO?” (an info ad)
Total and Integrated Campaign on Sanitation (To address the culture, values on sanitation or sewage; Demonstrated in Barangay halls where decent sewage facilities can be constructed);
Community Awareness Program (Experiential exposure of the community people to gather, clean-up drainages, canals and water bodies in barangays); Community Organizing and Capacity Building (Information campaign thru flyers, house-to-house campaigns, fora); Environmental Advocacy (Long-term – part of Media Plan); Video presentation/information module on Septic Tank Design and Management (Making and creation of the video presentation for  general public distribution); Video presentation/information module on Integration WasteWater Minimization Technologies in Design and Processes (Development and Making of a video presentation on what wastewater minimization is, what are the different wastewater minimization technologies, how to integrate and some Philippine case studies; for use by professionals and technical people who are into design)

8. Trainings/Orientation involving the members of the barangay officials and Capability building for the barangay LGU in the design and establishment of the waste water treatment facilities (Benchmarking)

Site Visit/Exposure/Workshop for barangay officials of Mambuaya and Iponan, Nazareth, Bugo, Agusan, Bonbon

9. Enactment of  Barangay Ordinance

  • requiring all households to have toilets
  • to impose river bank preservation and protection
  • restricting dumping of liquid waste along rivers and creeks (barangay Agusan)


Barangay-level; note that city has prepared draft of environmental code which includes these concerns – may be ratified/approved this year; now with legal department; Champions: Councilor Abejuela and Councilor Nacaya

10. Master Plan on Wastewater management:

  • Advocacy on Proper waste disposal
  • Inventory of data
  • Research

Citywide; City-initiated; barangay-based
Medium-term; Barangay Wastewater Management Plan
Esp. inventory of data – short-term
PSA to assist in the design of activities
Barangay Pilot Project: Study and Survey on Existing Septic Tanks Management, IEC

  • Septage Treatment Facility



Raise the fund through private sector (Rio Verde) or through Water District or both (JV, or separate contracts)
City will do the program (regulatory or accreditation)
PSA to help city on septage management workshop before the passing of the ordinance

12. Passage of Septage Ordinance

Pending according to Councilor Nacaya; CLENRO to forward output of workshop

  • Clean-up Drive in River banks and coasts

Barangays to be involved and done monthly; barangays to initiate
No ordinance yet; push for executive order – fisherfolks assoc, city engrs ofc, city public information ofc, safer river life saver foundation, city public services ofc, city agriculture ofc, CLENRO, coastal and riverine barangays, and media, city tourism ofc
Tilapia and carp fingerlings dispersal
Tree planting part of envi month

14. Water Quality Management Area Governing Board

  • Talk to DENR/NEDA
    • Identification of water quality management areas
    • Organized the water quality Management Board
  • Include outlying municipalities of Bukidnon; may involve councils
  • Will only involve select barangays from CDO

15. City water Interceptor along the river banks

Check with City Engineering – plans for boulevard; survey completed; PSA to send Dave to check plans for “A Golden Mile” brgy. Consolacion (downstream side); settling pond/treatment in Consolacion, Isla de Oro will be connected to main land or will be improved

16. Capacity-building for Waste water treatment plant for Hospitals

  • Waste Treatment plant training in Manila.
  • Echo to the PHA-Northern Mindanao (to take the lead)
  • Encourage to build systems

17. Waste water treatment plant for
Hotels and Restaurants, Malls and other Establishments

  • Management training in Manila for H&R
  • Echo Training/Grease management training in CDO (COHARA to take the lead)
  • Encourage to build systems

18. Market & Slaughter facilities

Feasibility Study
Improvement of Lagoon STP for slaughterhouse
Four public market (look at Agora because of funding for MRF)

19. IEC for Business Sector

Will take the lead:
Oro Chamber
Promote CDO Foundation
DTI – Province
PSA to send Bobby

20. Cagayan de Oro Resettlement Waste Water Treatment Project

The use of the 20% socialized housing fund for onsite sanitation project.
Conduct site visit – Lito will provide assessment / estimate

21. Vamenta Blvd., Carmen Village Waste Water Treatment Project (Showcase)

The use of the 20% socialized housing fund for onsite sanitation project.
Conduct site visit – Lito will provide assessment / estimate

22. Kauswagan GK Project Waste Water Treatment Project

To use GK funding (they will source)

23. Information, education campaign on clean water act and other related laws, rules and regulations, orders on sanitation; orientation of developers

City Estate Management Office c/o Janet and Vangie Agan ---Abubacar/James to take the lead

24. ECC requirement for a sewerage system by DENR

Invite EMB and HLURB in one forum

25. OBO requirement for 3-chamber septic tank to reduce effluent for new developments

To incorporate in the septage ordinance as addendum, STPs are required by CLENRO as requirement of social acceptability permit / environmental clearance

26. Environmental Laboratories and Facilities

Private initiative, encourage them to put laboratory facilities that the city can use for a fee

27. Website development for Barangay Sanitation Facts and Statistics

Use CDO’s web site; send data/information to CPDO for uploading in the city’s web site

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