Encouraging Children to Wash Their Hands with Soap

Santa Rosa made good progress in 2009 with the launching of their hand washing campaign on April 22 and the completion of a knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) survey.  Likewise, the local government under the able leadership of the Mayor actively participated in two promotions workshops that PSA organized.  PSA was able to strengthen this effort through the guidance of an international expert, Lynne Cogsworth, who helped to train LGU representatives and equip them in the area of promoting behavior change. Santa Rosa is among the first LGUs in the Philippines which created a Promotions Team specifically to increase awareness on the importance of hand washing.

To sustain the activities started last year, PSA is working with the city promotions team to conduct a workshop for Day Care Workers and Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) who can implement the hand washing campaign in the grassroots level. Last year, the Promotions Team identified three barangays with the highest incidence of diarrhea. These were also the areas affected by the AH1N1 virus in the 2009 outbreak. Implementing barangay-based promotions campaign on hand washing can be an effective way of slowly eliminating such preventable diseases.  To learn more about PSA’s hand washing promotion activities, follow this link to information on how to develop effective WASH Campaigns.


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