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Calamba City Commits to Fund Treatment Facility Sites for the Water District’s Sanitation Projects


Subsequent to the passage of the city’s septage management ordinance, the Calamba Water District (CWD) Board members, key officers and PSA consultants met with the City Mayor on January 12, 2010 to discuss the LGU’s role in the program, particularly on the procurement of land for the treatment sites.  The Chairman kicked off the discussion by thanking the city government for the septage management ordinance and went on to share the experiences of one of the CWD board members and some officers during their PSA-supported study tour to Dumaguete City and two other neighboring cities. He stressed the importance of collaboration between the LGU and the water district in sanitation projects.  Thereafter, the rest of the CWD contingent and PSA consultants formally asked the Mayor to appropriate P5 million for the purchase of land in Barangay Bucal for the sewage treatment system and donate a portion of the city’s property located at Puting Lupa, Calamba City for the septage treatment plant.  The City Mayor committed to endorse the request to the city council for approval but asked the CWD to first specify the site at Puting Lupa and determine the exact size needed by the treatment facility.

In separate small workshops with the technical working group (TWG) and promotions team of the water district, PSA consultants assisted them in finalizing the draft IRR of the ordinance and revising the design of the wastewater treatment facility to include an anaerobic baffled reactor with intermittent sand filter. PSA consultants also oriented the interviewers on the conduct of the forthcoming survey. With all these preparations, the water district hopes to start the bid process for the construction of the Bucal wastewater treatment facility in March.


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