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Barangay Consultation on Bucal Sewerage Project Held


Approximately 80 residents from Barangay Bucal in Calamba City and a number of water district officers and staff attended a barangay consultation meeting on the acceptability of the proposed sewerage project on March 12, 2010 at the nearby Bucal Elementary School. To establish the urgency and need for the project, PSA consultant Nene Narvaez highlighted the pollution situation in the country and Calamba City and reported on the steps being undertaken by the water district and city government to reduce further pollution. Engineer Ranely Cartago of the Calamba Water District illustrated how the facility will be constructed and the different steps needed to complete the project.

The participants realized the importance of their participation in this long-term sewerage project that seeks to protect the Bucal spring, the city’s main source of water.  They also understood the need for additional tariff that will be added to the water bill.   Some mentioned limited budget as possible constraint but in general, there was a consensus that the project will bring about long-term benefits to their community.  The water district will now apply for the required environmental clearance certificate (ECC) in preparation for the project construction anticipated to start in June of this year.


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