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PSA works with the Davao City Water District to develop a septage management program.

A one-day workshop on Septage Management, organized by the Davao City Water District with support from the USAID PSA project, was held on Thursday 14th August, 2008.  The workshop was attended by 129 people from various government agencies, private companies, universities, local non-government organizations and other donor-funded projects.

During the small group discussions, the participants prepared inputs for a septage management program, including regulation, transportation and collection, treatment and disposal and institutional arrangements.  The vice-chair and chair of the City Council Committee on Environment and Natural Resources gave closing remarks and expressed their support for the program.  Feedback from the participants was very positive and enthusiastic. The following day, a smaller group met to consolidate the workshop outputs and prioritize the next steps. The water district will now develop a more coordinated partnership with the city government and create a technical working group.

On February 9, 2010, the Davao City Council approved a resolution enacting an ordinance establishing a septage and sewerage management program. PSA will assist with preparing implementing rules and regulations (IRR) for the ordinance, and will request the mayor to formally constitute a technical working group. The Water District and the city plan to develop a pilot septage management program covering two barangays with about 45,000 people.

Visit Davao City online at: www.davaocity.gov.ph/


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