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Workshops Held in Laguna on Septage Management

The Technical Cluster and Promotion Cluster met in separate sessions on January 19 and 20, 2010 in Los Baños, Laguna. The Technical Cluster meeting was facilitated by Sr. Sanitary Engineer Lito Santos and focused primarily on site investigation and selection. The Promotion Cluster was facilitated by Sr. Finance Specialist Nene Narvaez, who went through the initial steps of the 10-step promotion toolkit. The Technical Cluster conducted site visit of 4 sites that are being considered for the septage treatment facility. They also visited the sewage treatment facility of UP Los Baños campus which is currently not operational. The Promotion Cluster customized the survey instrument to be used for the survey of households and commercial establishments, and did role-playing to test out the instrument and revised it accordingly. The Technical Cluster will meet in February to discuss further the different site options and finalize the siting of the facility, while the Promotion Cluster will conduct the pre-testing of the survey instrument and carry out the survey in the four municipalities. PSA works with 4 municipalities in Laguna: Los Baños, Bay, Calauan, and Victoria, all within the service area of the Laguna Water District.

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