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Metro Cebu Team Develops Promotion Plan


The Cebu Promotions Team held a two-day workshop from April 7-8 to come up with a promotions plan on septage management. The Cordova Group presented the output of a survey they conducted which assessed the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Cordovanhons in the area of sanitation and septage management. PSA consultants Andrea Echavez and Jay Tecson facilitated the two-day workshop. Based on the survey results, the Promotions Team came up with two different plans -- one focused on a community-based campaign to be spearheaded by the LGU and another one on a campaign to be spearheaded by the Metro Cebu Water District.

On the second day, the Promotions Team visited the Septage Treatment Plant of the Mactan Economic Processing Zone. The objective of the visit was to familiarize the team on the cycle of sludge treatment from the moment it is brought to the facility to the time it is released for re-use. The team then proceeded to Cordova to hold a focused-group discussion in the community where the LGU plans to put up the STP in partnership with MCWD. Based on the FGD results, main motivators for desludging are the cost and protecting public health


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