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Gawad Kalinga (GK) is a non profit organization that helps local residents build sustainable housing developments through a program focusing on shared work for a common goal. The PSA works with GK to help them implement low-cost and sustainable wastewater treatment systems for their communities. The systems are site-built using local materials and constructed by the residents themselves using anaerobic treatment tanks and constructed wetlands technology.

Gawad Kalinga is building a nation empowered by people with faith and patriotism; a nation made up of caring and sharing communities, dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity.  The GK Community Infrastructure Program aims to build brightly painted homes in sustainable communities for the poorest of the poor. Homes and other communal facilities (multiple purpose centers, school buildings, clinics, etc. are built through a combination of skilled paid labor and sweat equity of the GK residents with a goal of poverty alleviation. In the Philippines, the GK goal of building 700,000 homes in 7 years is well under way.

Visit Gawad Kalinga online at:  www.gk1world.com/


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