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Pollution kills, poisons, and otherwise impacts the lives of over a billion people, particularly children, every year.  The Blacksmith Institute brings resources and expertise to local groups and agencies in developing countries to solve these problems, one site at a time.  The PSA is working with the Blacksmith Institute on environmental issues in Meycauayan City, where the Meycauayan River is considered on of the 30 most polluted rivers in the world.

The priority of Blacksmith is to work in locations throughout the developing world where human health is most affected by pollution. Their programs involve a multi-step process of:

  • Identifying polluted places in the developing world, with nominations received from members of the international community and through the internet;
  • Reviewing nominations with a Technical Advisory Board of leading international specialists on a rolling monthly basis
  • Visiting candidate sites with likely high health risk implication, and conducting an Initial Site Assessment, a triage protocol that validates likely health implications, and enables the design of an intervention.
  • Designing and implementing a remediation strategy tailored to the specifics of the site in question, using local champions to implement the project in a cooperative fashion.

Visit the Blacksmith Institute online at: www.blacksmithinstitute.org/


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