Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC)


As the highest policy making and coordination body on housing and urban development, HUDCC facilitates access to a variety of housing options that are decent, affordable and responsive to the diverse and changing needs of homeless and underprivileged Filipino families. The mission of HUDCC is to provide overall direction for the promotion of decent and affordable housing opportunities and sustainable human settlements for families belonging to the lowest income strata of our society.

PSA works with HUDCC to promote sustainable sanitation for housing in the Philippines.  Less than 10% of the Philippine population is connected to a proper sewer system, which results in very high levels of water-borne disease and economic losses exceeding P78 billion per year.  Most homes only have septic tanks, which only provide partial sewage treatment.  Effluent from septic tanks ranges from 125 to 175 mg/l biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) far above the standard of 50 mg/l for water entering Class C water. Recognizing the urgent need to improve wastewater management, the Philippines adopted the Clean Water Act in 2004. Many government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and donor-funded projects have been working with private sector companies, local government units (LGUs) and water districts to promote the development of proper sewage treatment systems. There has been a special focus on low-cost, low-maintenance technologies.  Many of these were featured in a one-day workshop held in April, 2008 entitled “Affordable Wastewater Treatment Technologies for Community Builders.”  It was organized by the USAID Philippine Sanitation Alliance, HUDCC, Chamber of Real Estate and Builders' Associations (CREBA) and Gawad Kalinga. One of the outputs of the workshop was a recommendation to have a smaller roundtable discussion among the key stakeholders to develop a policy on sanitation requirements for new building projects.  This effort is continuing.

Visit HUDCC online at: http://www.hudcc.gov.ph/


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